Thursday, May 28, 2015

Lots of -ations

I haven't posted anything since my last race of last season, and even that came a solid 3-4 weeks after the race. If my Google Analytics page is any indication, nobody noticed. This will serve as an amalgamation, conglomeration, and any other word that loosely means "combination" that will make me judge the hell out of myself for using words improperly should I ever read this in the future. Anyhow, I have done a few things since October 26.

There was cyclocross, of course

Bike shop Festivus (or Chrismahannakwanzukkah, I forget what the Facebook invite called it) parties.
Pretty sure I enjoyed riding a bike around in circles in the shop more than the 2 year old.
Attempted a half marathon. Not up to do one of those again in the near future.
(no photographic evidence, fortunately)

Offseason running races, where I finished a very, very, very distant third in the Mud in Your Eye series.
I was a little bummed that all three races were freezing. I was hoping for at least one muddy one, but any moisture was frozen for all of the races.

Went through (ALMOST DONE WITH!) home renovations.
This is actually not related to the home renovations, except that it added to the work list when I took a misstep getting decorations down from the attic. I maintain that I was merely building a bypass for Santa, just as the urban planners need to consider alternatives to the bottlenecks at all the bridges and tunnels in our area.
Got adventurous with my road bike in Arizona at a time when certain internet forums were abuzz with disc brakes on road bikes.
And at 115 psi too! The one practical use of Gator Skins!

Spent late January smugly lounging by a pool with my Kindle again.
Last year I was studying for the LSAT. This year I was (and still am) reading Rising Tide, a story about the history of the regulation and engineering of the Mississippi River, centered around the 1927 flood. The LSAT is probably less foreign to most of my readers.

Tried to plan out my 2015 season to some extent and got real bummed out by the death of a race around for almost a decade before I was even born.
I would LOVE to see Sandman return in some form. But hey, Breezy Point is back at least!
Took my cross country skis out for the first time in 3 years because there are no plows in southeastern Virginia.

I bet Petter Northug has never skied on a beach. Coming down the dunes was among the more terrifying experiences I've ever had.
Ok, there's one plow, but it wasn't on a truck.
The important thing is that they plowed the rec center parking lot first, so I could still swim even when I wasn't working.

Found sanctuary at low tide when, a week after the first snow, I was still hesitant to do any sort of quality running on the roads due to the ice. Reminded how much I love this place and will be sad to move (which I now know will not happen until at least summer of 2016).

-----  --  --           -----  --  --            -----  --  --            is all I heard for my run this day
Then it was time to race. It was the usual Clermont Double at this point. From what I recall 2.5 months after the fact at this point, I was a bit disappointed in the first 200m of my swim both days, each time just missing the front pack. On Day 1, we got caught from behind early, started to make up ground on the leaders, but then our organization turned to crap and we never put any more time in, and I was able to run into the top 20 at least.
Day 2 Clermont I was closer to the back of the front group at least, but still missed them. A couple crashes in the front group on the bike helped splinter them up, making it easier to bridge that gap. I'm fairly certain that's the first time I've ever gotten off the bike in the first main group in an EDR, though getting off the bike with 20 guys is hardly ever my ideal race scenario. Still, baby steps, and I ran well-ish again, just missing a top 10 finish.

Will decided to catch some candids in addition to FaceTiming with Meredith during the race. Clermont EDR had more coverage than 70.3 Worlds.

Again, in the drops, I'm still bigger than all the other guys on the hoods. It's nonsense.

To the high school student (who is now probably somewhere in his 30s) that first told me when I was in 7th grade that I overpronated: I think you were wrong.
Since Clermont has been pretty lackluster in the racing department. I slept through my alarm for both a crit and an off-road duathlon, so that sucked. I raced Smithfield Sprint, but just kind of felt flat all around.
I attempted racing XTERRA Las Vegas, and really enjoyed both the course and atmosphere of Lake Las Vegas. After being the second amateur out of the water, I started to spot the time on the bike course that I expected to, eventually settling into about 6th or 7th, but within striking distance. Then near the end of the first bike lap, I came down hard over a slight dip and my saddle snapped off the seat post. Wompwompwomp. But Lake Las Vegas was cool, and nothing like Vegas proper, which I imagine is pretty much exactly like it is in Swingers and The Hangover.
The only thing more sad was the grocery store slot machines

I haven't really raced much this year compared to other years, which I'm hoping is a good thing. I'm about to head into a 3-week straight block of racing, with Rev3 Rush, Armed Forces, and XTERRA Richmond back to back to back, so that will be fun. I might actually write about those separately. It depends how I feel.

This too :) 

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  1. And you earned your pro card!! Congrats man! On your birthday no less! Awesome work!