Sunday, January 13, 2013

Now that the world didn't end I can plan my 2013

For anybody who is friends with me on Facebook or follows my Twitter, you may have noticed I was a bit over the top about that whole "Mayan Apocalypse" thing.  To clarify, no, I did not think the world was going to end.  I thought the whole thing was a bit absurd that anybody would actually take it seriously, that bad of a misunderstanding of Mayan culture, courtesy of the infotainment business and the free-for-all of the Internet.  I was a little amused by it, so I decided to play along.
As for the real purpose of this post, I can give a little more idea on what 2013 will entail for me.  I have sort of updated my Race Schedule page, but it's still pretty sparse because there is a lot that is still TBD, and I can explain some more of that here.
So for sure, I am racing:
3/9: Clermont Challenge Elite Development Race-Clermont, FL
3/16: Nathan Benderson Park Challenge Elite Development Race-Sarasota, FL
5/5: East Coast Elite Triathlon Festival Elite Devleopment Race-Richmond, VA
6/9: XTERRA East Championships-Richmond, VA
6/23: Rev3 Williamsburg Olympic-Williamsburg, VA

Before Clermont, I anticipate that I will do at least a few running races (maybe the Mud in Your Eye XC series in Norfolk/Va Beach) and a few crit races (I'm thinking Snow Cone Training Series in Richmond).  When I finished with the academy and racing Collegiate Nationals in April, I thought I was done trying to peak for an "A" race early in the season.  I was looking forward to also being in a slightly warmer location.  It looks like I've negated that.
Other possible races for the early part of the season are XTERRA Jersey Devil and XTERRA King of the Hill.  These two sandwich the Richmond EDR, so it's probably in my best interest only to race one, not to mention the 6+ hour drive up to NJ.
Ideally, I will finish top three in Clermont, Sarasota, or Richmond so I'll earn an elite license, at which point I would re-evaluate my planned race schedule.  I'm not under any sort of assumption that just because I have a license means I'll earn any money, but to some extent it would feel silly to me to have an elite license and not race against other elites.  If I don't earn it, I'm leaning more towards racing some XTERRAs because hell, they're more fun.  If I do that, I'll probably also include some cross country mountain bike races, maybe some road bike racing as well.  The XTERRAs are just a lot less frequent, so for somebody like me who likes racing a lot, I have to find other things to keep myself busy.

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