Thursday, September 20, 2012

Changing things up

So I am making some changes to my race schedule, by which I mean I'm no longer doing Rev3 Half Full. Instead I'll be racing Giant Acorn International and Sprint (a double!) the same weekend of October 6/7. This gets back to the very reason why I chose Rev3 in the first place, and that was because I was looking for an A race after Age Group Nationals to do.  I was really hoping to find one that would function as a potential pro license qualifier, which would mean it'd need a pro prize purse of $20,000 or more.  There aren't a lot of those really, so the fact that there was one only about 4 1/2 hours away around the time period I was looking seemed to be a logical choice.  However, the race organizers announced yesterday that Lance Armstrong will be racing the half-distance race the same day as my Olympic distance.  Because Lance is currently serving a lifetime ban for doping (not getting into that here at all, but this is a fact), he is unable to compete in any event sanctioned by USA Cycling, USA Track and Field, USA Water Polo, even USA Basketball, etc...but most importantly, that includes USA Triathlon.
The race organizers decided to go with a third party for insurance, but because it won't be a sanctioned race anymore, it wouldn't count as a qualifier to hold a USA Triathlon pro license. I still want to do at least one more race this season because of a few reasons, most notably that I feel like my training's been going well.  Driving several hours, staying in a hotel, and a more expensive than average entry fee really aren't worth it to me for a race that at this point is just to race, not for any specific goal like a pro license anymore.
Giant Acorn, on the other hand, is more like 2 1/2 hours away and would generally just be a less expensive weekend, much better for just racing (as in, not going for a pro license).  After talking with Jeff about it too, I decided I'd like to try and race a double, putting a bit more effort into the Olympic distance race on Saturday, then come back and race the sprint the following day. I LOVE racing, especially sprints, so getting another one in is well worth the entry fee to me. If I had the money/recovery ability to do it, I'd probably race sprint tris 2-3x per week. Racing the double, with essentially no pressure in the sprint whatsoever, gives me a little more freedom to basically have fun with it, maybe try some sort of new strategy like seeing how hard I can push the bike, etc.
As I'm winding towards the offseason, it seems I need to continue to work hard on my swim if I want to make it worth my time even trying to race in a draft-legal format, but I also need to work on my run. Ever since February when I ran a 17:28 5k and 16:53 two weeks later, I've had some serious trouble on the run, barely ever breaking 19 for a 5k and never breaking 41 even for a 10k, both of which should be standards I have no trouble hitting. It's coming back slightly I think, but it will take some time for sure.

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