Monday, March 12, 2012

After Grad Life

Well it's somewhat inevitable that things like my schoolwork get in the way of my training and racing. I accepted this was the case a long time ago. While I never came here as a true athlete, I definitely can see the sentiment I have read from Ashley Morgan (USMA '10) or Derek Oskutis (USNA '09), both officers now who said something in interviews or blogs or something else I can't remember to the effect that choosing an academy wasn't about becoming the best swimmer or runner or triathlete; it was always about becoming the best public servant and officer. With that in mind, I've had a LOT of non-triathlon taking up a lot of my time, and I am ok with that. I love triathlons and I want to be good at them, but I also want to be good at leading my team, writing my senior thesis, guiding my division to take on their next jobs in the Corps of Cadets, and of course deciding/figuring out what I will be doing as an Ensign in only about 2 1/2 months. All of that said, from about February 29 til now has been a whirlwind.To start, I reworked my thesis significantly and I finally feel good about the direction I am heading. It doesn't have anything to do with triathlon, but it is definitely a huge part of everything I am doing.Then, March 1 was the big night, Billet Night. I went into it knowing that I would make the best of whatever happened and know that there wasn't a damn thing I could do. My class rank and qualifications are entirely my own doing, so therefore my assignment pretty much is too. Fortunately, I got one of my top choices, Sector Hampton Roads, VA in the Prevention department. What that means is that for the next few years I will be in the marine safety field, doing vessel inspections, maybe some event-related waterways management, and possibly some casualty investigations. It also means I get to move to a pretty great training environment. Now I can ride year round all the time, not just the freaky snowless winter of 2011-12!And then about 12 hours after getting my billet, I was on my way to Florida to do a little racing, training, and spring breaking, doing the Clermont Draft Legal Challenge and staying in Cocoa Beach Traveling the day before the race isn't the most ideal, but I had no choice (see above paragraph for my important Thursday plans). I got to Orlando and met my brother Pat, who flew in from NYC to watch the race and enjoy some time off in the sun as well.When I got to the pre race meeting it was quite clear that I was in another world. These people were serious, and I was actually among the older athletes in the room.As for race day itself, I will write that separately, but suffice to say WOW. A very very hard race.Afterward was just a couple of days to relax and enjoy in Cocoa Beach. We went to a Nationals spring training game, hung out on the beach, and just generally enjoyed ourselves and relaxed. We definitely both needed it.
After that, I spent the last few days at home, taking Clermont as a lesson how to prepare more for Nationals in only about 6 weeks!!

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