Friday, February 3, 2012

New season 2012

So I'd been thinking/planning on writing a "new years resolution" type of blog...obviously that's over a month late, but I can still explain what I think 2012 may have in store for me tri-wise. A lot is unknown about past mid-June, of course, because that's when I'll be reporting to my first unit as an Ensign. On that note, I submitted my "dream sheet" a few days ago, and now it's just up for a waiting game. Triathlons, as much as I love them, obviously weren't the first concern (Boulder and Colorado Springs don't have a coastline for me to protect, unfortunately) I still prefer warm weather locations and ashore units, so maybe that'll afford me the ability to continue with tris, maybe it won't. It's not everything. If I end up somewhere that I can't really continue, it's only temporary, and triathlons will still be there when I transfer a few years later.
Regardless, I'm trying to make the absolute MOST of the for-sure 2012 season that I have. I'm hoping I can impart some sort of lasting impact on my team. It's definitely grown stronger and more cohesive since my time as a 4/c. Without a doubt that's because of some of the inspiration I had from the older guys from class of '09 who'd been around back in the previous iteration of the CGA tri team that was a legitimate team, rather than just the loosely affiliated club. In addition to just trying to have that last little bit of fun with my team, I'm trying out ALLLL different types of racing this year. The front end of my season is jam-packed with races. I really want to figure out what I am best at, so here's my schedule:

3/3: Clermont Challenge- Clermont, FL ( draft legal sprint)

3/25: March Madness Duathlon, New York, NY* (sprint)

4/21: USAT Collegiate Nationals, Tuscaloosa, AL* (Oly)

4/21: USAT Collegiate Nationals Team Relay, Tuscaloosa, AL (super-sprint draft legal team relay)

4/29: XTERRA Jersey Devil, Barnegat, NJ (off-road sprint)

5/13: XTERRA King of the Hill, Lebanon, NJ (off-road sprint)

5/19: ITU Cross Triathlon World Championship/XTERRA Southeast Regionals-Pelham, AL (off-road Oly)

6/3: Harvey Cedars Triathlon, Harvey Cedars, NJ (draft-legal sprint)

6/10: Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon, San Francisco, CA (unique nightmarish semi-Oly, semi-half)

So a few notes about this: I've never done a draft-legal race before, so Clermont will be my first attempt, and we will see how it goes. Also, I write that I'm doing ITU Worlds for cross tri/XTERRA, but that's only if I can get a Team USA spot. It requires some application process that I've gone through, but it's no guarantee. I could just go ahead and do the race anyway, but I only want to do it if I'm part of Team USA.

If the all-over-the-place nature of my schedule isn't apparent enough, there are 9 races on the schedule. Only two will be contested on my TT bike, and one of those is just a about weird. After Collegiate Nationals, I can pretty much put it away because I know I won't be racing on it until at least July, and that's assuming I move somewhere that I can reasonably continue to train and race.

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